How Wash Buddy Came to be.

A few years back I found myself having to downsize. I sold my home and moved into a smaller spaced condo where I no longer had the luxury of a washing machine.

The liberation of not having to maintain a big house was great but it also created a new problem — finding the time to do laundry. True I had more time to go to the gym, bike, and hike and do a host of other activities, but having to carve out time for laundry stunk. The accumulation of sweaty, dirty, grungy clothes throughout the week was out of control. It would take me weeks to get to wash my clothes. I needed help.

A washer/drier in my unit was not an option as I had no laundry hookups and the thought of going to the laundromat horrified me. 

I scoured the Internet for a solution to my problem. My options for a manually powered washing machine missed the mark. Some washing machines were merely giant salad spinners that spun clothes in one direction and lacked agitation. Some agitated by tumbling clothes head to toe in a drum but lacked the ability to extract the water leaving me to wring the clothes by hand — a painstakingly and time-consuming task.

With 30 years’ experience in the aerospace industry helping to build the world’s most advanced satellite systems, I sought to design and build a low-tech machine that would be able to wash, rinse and spin clothes dry as a standard washing machine would. After a lot of hard work and several attempts, l had it! — A manually powered, portable, easy-to-use washing machine that uses very little water and no electricity. I designed and built an environmentally friendly washing machine that could also spin your clothes dry.

One day, while watching the horrifying destruction Hurricane Maria leftover Puerto Rico and neighboring islands, I thought the clothes washing machine I built for myself could be useful to others. I have been working diligently to refine this product for mass market and am now seeking your help to put Wash Buddy to work for everyone. 
Please join me in making this project a success.